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Katie-Ellen Humphries is a standup comedian, writer and sketch performer who currently splits her time between Vancouver and New York.

Whether sharing comedic confessions or disappearing into uproarious and dramatic characters, Katie-Ellen’s remarkable point-of-view resonates on the stage, page and screen. Her sensibility (that falls somewhere between the library and the locker-room) and sharp wit make her a favourite of audiences of all kinds.


A founding member of The Lady Show and veteran of award-winning comedy cabaret Atomic Vaudeville, Katie-Ellen is a regular on CBC Radio’s The Debaters where she has worked as a writer and Associate Producer.


Katie-Ellen is also a 3-time Canadian National Champion for the 5 Kilometer Open Water Swim. That’s unrelated to comedy, but it explains the shoulders.


NEW Album Ladyfinger 
Available world wide Oct 20th, 2020

Available for Pre-Order Here



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Photography by Maggie MacPherson | Cartoon by Tiny Vices